PC Choice offers the ultimate Computer Repairs In Brisbane. Read Terms Of Services for more information.

Service Guarantee

A number of PC Choice repairs come with a service guarantee. Service guarantee applies ONLY to the specific fault that is repaired. Subsequent faults or issues that arise once the computer has been returned to the customer’s care do not fall under the mandate of this guarantee and may be charged at PC Choice’s sole discretion.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Repairs that fall under the PC Choice’s satisfaction guarantee are guaranteed unconditionally in regard to the specific task or repair that was carried out. Satisfaction guarantee does not cover other issues or issues arising after the work is completed. Subsequent work will be charged at PC Choice’s sole discretion. Damaged, lost or stolen items – It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure no valuables or personal items are sent with computer equipment. – In most instances, NO accessories should be sent with a computer for repair, unless they relate directly to the repair. – PC Choice accepts no liability or responsibility for unrelated personal effects included with the item for repair. – Pickup and delivery: It is the customer’s responsibility to package items suitably for transit.

Courier fees

PC Choice does not directly charge for pickup and delivery in the course of normal repairs. “Free pickup and delivery” refers to one pickup and one delivery only. If after arrangements have been made for pickup or delivery the customer is not available to the courier at the agreed time/place, fees incurred by PC Choice for additional pickup/delivery will be at the customer’s expense. Pickup and delivery on follow-up work where the customer is at fault for damage/alteration to existing repairs carried out by PC Choice will be liable for any courier fees incurred by PC Choice and for any labour/parts required to rectify the repair.

Callout Fee

PC Choice does not charge a fee for callouts in the event that the repair is engaged. In the event that the technician attends the premises at the agreed time/date and the customer is not available or not in attendance, a callout fee of $77 will be charged. After hours callout in the event that the customer is not available or not in attendance will be charged for the amount of $120. Payment terms for this amount is strictly 7 days.

Quotation Fee

PC Choice charge a standard quotation & assessment fee of $75 for all repairs. This fee is to cover the labour involved in diagnosing and/or disassembling hardware to assess specific repair requirements. Quotation fee is charged ONLY in the instance that the customer opts NOT to engage a repair following diagnostics and provision of a repair quote, or, if NO repair is to be carried out in the event that no fault is found with the machine (sent in error).

Payment Terms

Domestic customers: payment terms are strictly payment on completion of service. Pickup and delivery customers will be invoiced on completion of repairs. Payment is required prior to dispatch of repaired machine. Business customers will be invoiced at service completion: payment terms strictly 7 days for all invoices. Repaired computers that are not paid in full within 30 days of completion will be wiped of data using secure deletion method and disposed of at sale/auction to recoup cost of repair, listing/and of sale. Any subsequent surplus moneys will be refunded to customer. This document is first and final written notice in regard to unpaid repairs.

Unpaid Accounts

PC Choice adheres strictly to Australian consumer law and its provisions for recuperation of unpaid debts. If payment does not occur in compliance with invoice terms, debt collection proceedings will be initiated. All costs incurred by PC Choice in reclaiming the unpaid debt will be charged to the unpaid account. Any extension of account terms is at PC Choice’s sole discretion.


In all instances, PC Choice will attempt to repair items within the timeframe originally projected. However, computer issues can be complex, and delays can occur due to unseen circumstances (parts shipments, suppliers, technical problems, etc). PC Choice accepts no liability for any inconvenience or financial loss caused by delays in repair. It is the Customer’s responsibility to avail themselves of alternative computing resources while the repair is undertaken. Please ensure that if the repair is required before a set deadline that this deadline is negotiated BEFORE the repair is commissioned. PC Choice cannot be held to meet deadlines imposed on a last minute basis and without prior agreement. Feel free to call us to check on the status of your computer at any time. Most repairs take approximately 5 business days to complete. If you would like to see your computer repaired as fast as possible, please ensure you are contactable throughout the process by providing correct phone and/or email contact details so that consultation regarding the repair can occur as necessary.

Data Loss

Backup of data is solely the customer’s responsibility before submitting their computer/hardware for repair. PC Choice will not be held liable for any data loss which can occur while the computer is being repaired. If your data is not backed up, it is essential that you advise the technician in writing before the repair is commenced. Data backup can be purchased for a fee of $40. PC Choice is not responsible for any data loss resulting from data backup.

Abandoned Computers

Computers that are diagnosed as non-repairable or not cost effective for repair, will be disposed of if abandoned for over 30 (thirty) days at our sole discretion, if they remain uncollected.


 PC Choice may at its discretion, use refurbished parts on some repairs in place of new items for some repairs. All refurbished parts come with a 90-day warranty.