We are the repairs experts in everything IT

We provide a professional and friendly repair service with all your computer issues from desktops, laptops and tablets Windows or Mac OS. We treat all our customers with respect and are honest with our recommendations making your experience with us easy and worry free knowing your machine is in good hands here at PC Choice Computers.



No job is to big or too small, our qualified technicians can perform all of the following & a lot more!

  • Boot up problems – Won’t go into Windows or Mac OS
  • Computer blue screening or crashing
  • Machine not posting or beeping
  • Viruses or Spyware problems of any kind
  • Data recovery from failed or corrupt Hard Drive’s
  • Software and Hardware problems
  • Machine running slow
  • Internet or Email issues
  • Liquid damage & insurance reports
  • Cracked screens




  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software Upgrades and installs to latest operating systems
  • Backup and reload of corrupt or slow systems
  • SSD hard drive upgrade improving your machine overall performance
  • Upgrades to your system for all your gaming requirements





Free inspection over counter, we do not work on an hourly rate.

$39 Full diagnosis, Clean and Tune-Up

$120 Full service & Reload of Operating System

$180 Full backup & Reload of Operating System & Drivers & Updates, E-Mail and other software you may require

Data recovery starts at $60

Virus removal starts at $80

Any laptop repair, Mac repair or PC repair is usually done within 24 hours!

Custom Builds

This is what we do BEST. We can custom build anything you want from full blown gaming machines, home pc’s to full business server setups. We will work to your needs and budget and will move all your old data from your old PC if need be at no extra charge. We stock all the most popular brands and we will provide the best after sales service in Brisbane.

Virus Removal

We can remove any of the latest viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware that may have compromised your PC or laptop. We have all the latest antivirus protection and can provide backup solutions to make sure you will never lose any of your important information.

Data Recovery

  • Have you lost data from your PC or laptop ?
  • Have you accidentally deleted important data and need it back ?
  • Lost files from a USB stick,  External HDD or camera card ?

At PC Choice we provide a software recovery service that can recover data from all types of devices and won’t cost you an arm and leg.

Malware and Virus Proofing

We can make your system impervious to viruses and malware! We stock the latest in anti-virus protection at an affordable price, even cheaper than some online deals! We know which ones work for you and that work well with any system you may have.

Software/Hardware Installation & Debugging

If your machine is blue-screening or running slow or just simply not working as it used to be come in and see our fully trained technicians to diagnose your machine! The technicians at PC Choice are professionals when it comes to diagnosing your device or machine as they have had years of hands on experience with any and all problems! Even if you just want an upgrade to your already fast machine, PC Choice can help!

PC Choice repair services!

At PC Choice we are the experts in repairs! We offer the highest quality in laptop repair services and PC repair services with easy options and affordable quotes, and if you can find a quote cheaper than us we’ll match it or beat it! We also offer Apple Mac repair services for all your Apple branded devices, whether its being slow or not turning on at all we know all there is to know about the machines you use day to day!

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