I’ve always been a bit of a computer fanatic so its no surprise I ended up working at a computer repair store. However blogging about computer and technology as a whole is a different can of worms; as I begin to piece together coherent thoughts the articles should come across as more than ramblings. So before we dive in, lets a get a little preview of what type of content you should expect to see:

  • News about the latest computer hardware
  • Weekly posts about the components of a computer, what they do, why you care and the variation in different types
  • Games and applications section, discussing interesting software for Windows and OSX as well as mobile developments

So a little bit about me before I finish up. My name is Marko and I’m a postgraduate student studying a Masters of Science in the field of geophysics. That’s a little bit away from what I do at work, but some of the skills are quite transferable. Beyond the little bit of programming I do as part of my studies I have greatly improved my research skills and usually if I don’t know an answer, I know how to find one. When I’m not at work or at the university I’m usually reading about physics (currently Quantum Mechanics: A Complete Introduction by Alexandre Zagoskin) or some other science thing.

Next Post: Components of a Computer: CPU

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