About us

PC Choice is the best amongst the computer hardware stores in Wynnum and computer repair shops in Brisbane

Feel a part of the family at PC Choice Computers!

We have been a family owned business since 2004 and are located in Wynnum Plaza shopping centre. We are a specialist computer retail store and strive to provide the highest quality products with a friendly service in everything IT. We can do anything and everything here at PC Choice, from diagnosing your machine to building you a new one and of course everything in between! We have years of experience in all fields and can assist you with anything you need! Over the years our store has gained high praise and a strong reputation within the communitie.Your wallet is another concern for us! Don’t worry, we are very affordable and comfortably competitive with each and every product of ours! In the end, our main purpose is to supply you with an outstanding friendly service so that you get the best out of your device, which ever it may be.

Why Choose Us

We Are On Time And On Budget

Quick Service

We pride ourselves on how fast, reliable and affordable our computer maintenance and repairs are. In most cases the majority of our repairs are same-day! If not it’s more than likely your machine will be ready the next morning. Never do we lack in quality when it comes to our work, so you can always expect a friendly and easy to understand experience within our stores.

PC Choice's Warranty

At PC Choice your peace of mind is a priority to us! On most of our brand new products you’ll have at least 12 months warranty or more depending on how high quality of a product you’d like to go with, some products can even come with lifetime warranty! On most of our custom machines the warranty is a breeze, if we have the same item in-stock we replace the part on the spot!

Certified Partner's

PC Choice is a certified partner to most of the well known brands such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Asus, HP, Canon, Brother and many more! When it comes to our customers and products we only stock the best, that’s why we have such a comfortable relationship with all our suppliers. Even if we don’t have something in stock we can certainly order it for you and receive it next day if available!